TMI (Too Much Information)

Loose Lips

Members of the Greatest Generation remember this from World War II.

"Loose Lips Might Sink Ships"

It's timeless advice. A phrase we might be more familiar with these days is giving "TMI." In the military, it is referred to as Operational Security or OPSEC.

In simple terms, OPSEC means keeping information away from those who could use it against us. For military personnel, this involves concealing details about movements and future operations. For the rest of us, it means being cautious about sharing personal details like our whereabouts. By being mindful of what we share, we can protect ourselves and our belongings from potential threats.

In today's world, where social media and instant updates are everywhere, maintaining good OPSEC is more important than ever. While it might be fun to share where we are and what we're doing, oversharing can put us at risk if the wrong people get ahold of our information.

So, what does this mean for you?

If you post about being at a specific restaurant, event, or landmark on social media, anyone who reads your post knows where you are. This information could be used by criminals to stalk, rob, or burglarize your home. Ask yourself: is it really necessary to share your location with the whole world?

To practice good OPSEC, make a few small changes to your behavior. First, only share your whereabouts with people you trust before you go somewhere. Second, if you want to post pictures or reviews of your outing, wait until after you've left. Third, don't feel like you have to broadcast it to the world when you plan to go somewhere. That information isn't time-sensitive and can wait until later. Think more about letting people know where you'veĀ been. Not so much where you are.

The bottom line is to be careful with what you share. Remember that information is power; the more you reveal, the more data someone could have on you. Everyone, good guys and bad guys alike, use social media, so it's important to treat the information you post carefully. By taking a few small steps to improve your OPSEC, you'll be much safer and more secure in our connected world.