Let’s face it, some preppers are a little out there. You read about them on the internet or see them on TV shows and your immediate reaction “that’s not me!” Whether its civilians armed to the teeth and wearing camouflage or eccentric people building elaborate retreats far from civilization, they don’t seem normal. They aren't either, their perspective and outlook are both distorted; hence the odd behaviors.

The focus is on preparation at the expense of other aspects of life leads to imbalance. It also lends itself to an "us versus them" mentality which isn't healthy. It can also lead to physical isolation from family and community, all of which is harmful.

Preparedness author Dr. Arthur Bradley wrote about this subject on his blog a while back. He discusses the responsibility we have to prepare as well as the importance of living a balanced life while doing so. As he says:

"…disaster preparedness should never distract you from meeting life’s other needs and responsibilities. Your kids will still need to go to college; your family will continue to benefit from the yearly getaway vacation; and you will undoubtedly have a better chance of advancing in your job if you remain vigilant at keeping your boss happy. People who neglect important areas of their life in order to focus on uncertain doom are losing sight of what’s important—not to mention failing to see life’s daily joys."

So keep everything in balance and enjoy the blessings you have been given today.