When things go wrong, supplies can get interrupted. Look at what happened during Super Storm Sandy back in 2012 or the recent snow storms that impacted multiple states. Bad weather means trucks, trains, ships, and airplanes can’t operate normally to deliver the goods we normally buy. The result is stores can run out of everything within a few days and even after conditions return to normal, it can take weeks before inventory levels return to normal.

This happens from time to time though and can be planned for, however, supply interruptions can be an even bigger deal if you can’t feed your addictions. If you are physically or psychologically dependent upon certain things (i.e., smoking, drinking, chewing tobacco, recreational drugs, hard drugs, etc.), an interruption in supply can become painful within hours. This can seriously compromise your ability to handle a stressful situation.

So what do you do?

The solution is to free yourself from addictions. After all its a matter of survival. A healthy body and a sharp mind are the two most critical tools you have to overcome challenges. If you have addictions, ask yourself this question…what would happen if you had to suddenly go without your “fix” for a day, a week, or a month? How would you handle yourself and cope with a stressful situation without being able to feed your habit? Being dependent on something puts you in a vulnerable position, both physically and financially, when your supply is interrupted. You could try and stock up to get you through, or you could decide to get healthy and not be a prisoner anymore.

My suggestion is if you have an addiction, get help from a trained professional. Breaking bad habits is difficult, both physically and mentally, so you will need help to help you overcome. You will also need a support network to get you through the difficult times, there are organizations and resources for all manner of addictions so consult with a medical professional to determine which one(s) may be appropriate for your situation.

The objective is to get help and free yourself. This will allow you to sharpen your body and mind so you can be prepared for adversity.  It will also enable you to live a longer, healthier, more full life.

Get healthy, get clean, get ready.