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Hey there! So glad you found your way to Smart Suburban Survival. Our mission is to support you with useful and practical information that can help you feel more confident and prepared for whatever life throws your way. We understand that unexpected situations can be overwhelming and scary, but we're here to replace fear with confidence, uncertainty with knowledge, and confusion with truth.

We believe that preparedness is a journey that takes ongoing effort, and our aim is to make it a positive and rewarding experience for you. Whether you're just starting out or already on your way, we're here to provide the necessary steps and guidance to help you along the way. With time, you'll become more resilient and self-assured, so that when challenges arise, you'll be mentally and physically equipped to handle them with ease.

At Smart Suburban Survival, we're not just here to cover events - we're all about empowering you with principles and ideas that lead to action. While preparedness can vary depending on your location and circumstances, some overarching themes and concepts can be applicable to everyone. We'll focus on these themes to provide clarity and direction and discuss specific situations when needed.

Our team consists of regular folks with everyday jobs and responsibilities - we're not former military or law enforcement. This means we bring a unique perspective to the preparedness community that considers everyday life's realities. Our goal is to create a welcoming community where "Normals" like you can feel comfortable being a part of.

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