Prepare to be Prepared!

Welcome to Smart Suburban Survival.

A lot is going on these days. Some events are near, others are far away, regardless of distance though; events can affect you where you are now. While there is not much we can do to influence events in this world, there are actions you can take to make you and your family more resilient during difficult times.

Smart Suburban Survival is a site dedicated to sharing practical steps you can take today that will help you manage and lessen the impact of events that affect you. Who does not remember the great toilet paper run of 2020? What if you already had a reasonable amount of TP stocked in your pantry? Can you do anything the next time your electricity goes out? What if you are stranded on the road during extreme weather? Will you be prepared?

This site is about practical preparation that is within reach of normal people. It is not for those building bunkers in their basements to survive the end of the world; this is for people who have jobs, families, and lives. Our goal is to help take the confusion and stress out of preparation by providing information that you can apply today. So welcome to our site and hope you benefit from it.

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